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A Business Proposal


Ha-ri made a deal—go on one blind date for her BFF and pretend to be a super-vixen to end all of her unwanted marriage set-ups! Unfortunately, instead of easy money, Ha-ri’s got a headache. Her date is Taemu, her company’s hot new CEO, and he’s got his own plans to get his family to back off by marrying whoever shows up on the date. Should Ha-ri accept his proposal to keep playing pretend? Nothing could go wrong with lying about your real identity while dating the boss... right??

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aiden iron 14:29 - 04/15/2021 Chap 61
can anyone tell me
Bodhy 03:46 - 05/20/2021 Chap 61

@aiden iron Tell you what?

Bodhy 03:48 - 05/20/2021
I warmly recommend this work the charcters will grow on you and entertain you trough all the story which while simple fits the series just perfectly.
Subhasish Ghosh 01:02 - 06/02/2021
guus mostly ntr proof manga its mostly safe honestly i love such without ntr manga such as BLIND MARRIAGE
Subhasish Ghosh 17:18 - 06/03/2021 Chap 61
also flash marriage manga
Rajni Arora 00:51 - 10/26/2021 Chap 102
lovely comics
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