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Death Field


If you take the midnight train by mistake, take a look around you, is it the same world you are familiar with? If not, hold your breath and face your fears...

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shin kirigaya 07:07 - 07/01/2019
hahaha...i still don't understand the last paged?!?! could someone tell me what is it?>?!
shin kirigaya 07:28 - 07/01/2019
i read both merakiscans and heaven manga at the same time.....
shin kirigaya 10:49 - 07/01/2019
she must be waiting for her love ones but the guy ditched her?!!emoemo
shin kirigaya 11:05 - 07/01/2019
hey why this chapter has the same panel like the chapter 72???


12:57 - 07/01/2019

@shin kirigaya Fixed

shin kirigaya 08:44 - 07/05/2019
emothank you very much good sir~!!
shin kirigaya 08:48 - 07/05/2019
emowhat was that "BL"????
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