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Friends or F-buddies


Hyunwoo, Yiseul, Nayeon, and Jimin – the four once-inseparable friends coincidentally run into each other in college. The surprise reunion is riddled with confusion, as some members of the group are less than thrilled about the meeting. Everything from their looks to their personalities has changed, and Hyunwoo is soon faced with the ultimate question: “Is it okay to sleep with your friends?!”

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Paul Brown 19:43 - 08/03/2021
new chapter s
kakumba 06:59 - 08/26/2021
xbxjdjdjsjs 13:08 - 08/27/2021
this comic is lackluster in terms of emotions
xbxjdjdjsjs 04:39 - 09/03/2021
bro these emotions fuckin suck
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