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I Adopted A Villainous Dad


I entered a novel in which the heroine who reincarnated as a saintess has to walk on a thorny path. ‘Yeah, nope!’ I, who decided to walk on a flower path, abandoned the original frustrating family and adopted my bias as my dad in our first meeting. “You, be my daddy!” The story’s final boss and villain! But now he’s just my dad. Fufu. “Daddy, why is your name also daddy? So cute.” “What did you eat for breakfast? Handsomeness?” {a pun that i’m too lazy to explain} As I dream of a happy ending for Daddy, there’s just one more huge obstacle… The existence of the hero who would kill the final boss. Now that it’s come to this, let’s save my bias and the hero as an addition! If I have time, maybe the world too! However… “I’ll kill you if you approach my daughter.” …Daddy keeps on raising the death flags. “You should take responsibility since you tamed me.” Somehow the hero is also obsessed over me, just what’s going on…? [hr][i]Note: This is a oneshot promotional manhwa for the novel of the same name

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