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Martial God Asura


The young Chu Feng was always seen as an insult to the Chu family due to his weak physique. One day he decides he had enough of it, and in order to reclaim his father name and save his mother, he decides to get stronger no matter what.

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ALI YAZZOB ALI 13:33 - 04/12/2021 Chap 79
what the fuck u doing u are completely lost ur mind mixing 3 stories at a time u idiot fuck u were doing gret work but now screw u
M Jarir Atthobary 08:42 - 06/18/2021 Chap 210
this chapter error
SUKIPUQI 02:55 - 07/31/2021 Chap 62
what happened?
SUKIPUQI 13:37 - 08/03/2021 Chap 246
SUKIPUQI 11:24 - 08/31/2021 Chap 295
that's yang kai right?
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