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Medical Return


Kim Jihyun, who lived his life as a disreputable surgeon, gains a second chance to relive his life. He then goes back to his middle school days, and live his life to the fullest unlike before, he studies nonstop. His goal is to become a dermatologist who make lots of money instead of the poor surgeon he was from previous life!

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saagar padayatchi 11:45 - 11/06/2019 Chap 29
Bro it's illegal to kill people in INDIA.....we really are pecefull people's....sometime things go bad but it's beyond one's karma................
Christoffer Castro 10:39 - 11/03/2020
Moreeeeeeeeee updaaateeeeeee it is sooo gooooood
Lawrence Kinsley 18:54 - 12/10/2020 Chap 1
okay that was trippy ..........but cool
Darius Mccoy-Bennett 04:55 - 04/15/2021 Chap 30
The ending was cute
wonbin ko 05:27 - 07/13/2021 Chap 122
bad grammar rip
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