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Mookhyang - The Origin


During a turbulent time in the world of murim, Number 2044 was kidnapped as a child and brought to the Demonic Faction in order to train in the ways of assassination. After enduring all of his harsh training and surviving till the end, he was able to earn the title, ‘Mook-Hyang’. However, Mook-Hyang has always had an insatiable thirst, and that was his desire for the sword! It was during this time that Mook-Hyang met his new master, ‘Blade of Illusions, Yoo-Baek’, which became a turning point in his life! Will Mook-Hyang be able to rise to the Profound Demonic Realm that he’s been aiming for all his life? This is the story of Mook-Hyang who ends up fighting against numerous martial masters in order to achieve his goal!

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Urik mazino 18:11 - 04/18/2021
if u like Manga from murim where martial arts reign and the mc rises from weak to the top of the world this manga is for u one of the best Manhas I have ever read although the chapters are less but they are packed with actions and emotions the story is good and the art rocks ❤️❤️????
Amanda Goings 07:28 - 04/25/2021 Chap 31
wait so if this is the end, why does the other Mook Hyang start so differently. I wanted to know what happened next. if he gets revenge or not and who his comrad that died before going to the new world was from the next series. AHHHHH!!!!!! I need answers. ?
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