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Mutou Black


Edo, the prominent city where the Sh?gun resides. From all over the country, all kinds of strong warriors gathered there. And in order for them to show their skills, martial art d?j?s were established in every direction. It became a place where swords were drawn night and day, and turned into one of the largest battlegrounds in the land. One spring, yet another d?j? had been opened in the same area by a man. That man was called Yukiji Kurotsuki. He appears weak and looks not at all dependable, on top of that his school (style of fighting) did not use the common tool needed for combat, "a sword.? So obviously, there were no students who wanted to come join this d?j? and could hear the sounds of the crickets chirping from within the place. The landlord of the d?j?, Yabu, who"d been frustrated with Yukiji, finally tells him that if there continues to be no students, he"s going to have to tell him to leave. With no choice, Yukiji starts out to the town to promote his d?j?, where he goes and meets a young boy... What is the pain the boy carries, and the promise that changes the fate of Kurotsuki and his d?j??! Right now a new dream is about to unfold in the city of Edo!! A genuine Edo martial arts tale begins!!

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