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My Hero Academia


The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world. A boy named Izuku Midoriya has no powers, but he still dreams.

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Bla Bla 16:31 - 12/14/2018
The image links are broken ...
Alaynnah McRòs 16:58 - 12/15/2018
Hello! I think there is a problem with this chapter: there is no images. Thanks for your time! :)
Jeoffery Mccue 12:05 - 12/28/2019
Its fucked for me
Jeoffery Mccue 10:09 - 02/07/2020
But I want engrish
reta tanaka 16:35 - 05/30/2020
Is there any review for this title? I really want to know more about this title
johnny taberu 16:36 - 05/30/2020

@reta tanaka Here's the review that you need sis you can check on isekainews they discuss about this title and also give you information about the upcoming chapter. Your welcome sis :)

Pham Nam 16:26 - 12/01/2020
This manga is so hype. Always makes me shiver
Diego Chetty 05:22 - 03/23/2021
Fix this chapter please ??
Wings 20:30 - 03/26/2021
Download MangaWorld for the english and this chapter307 isnt the full thing so download what i just recommended
Death Note 01:46 - 03/29/2021
hey bich
Chin Rue Ying 14:08 - 05/12/2021 Chap 161
Gah! Why Nighteye???? Why?!?!
juul 06:35 - 06/02/2021 Chap 228
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