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P2! - Let's Play Pingpong!


P2! - Let’s Play Pingpong! summary: Hiromu is a kid who is slow and bad in sports; despite that, he really wants to do sports. After a day full of failures trying to get to a sports club, he gets to the ping pong club. In the ping pong club he meets someone named Kawazue who is the ace, and he tells Hiromu he can’t join the club, because he probably failed every other club and is underestimating the ping pong club. A friend of Hiromu called Otome who wants Hiromu to get into a club merges in the middle of the conversation and has a match against Kawazue for Hiromu joining the club, but she loses. After that, and a lot of begging, Hiromu plays against Kawazue. If he loses, Otome becomes the ping pong club manager. He almost loses, but than he remembers he always gives up and it’s time to stop giving up. Then he shows wits when Kawazue was about to go, Kawazue got back to the game, just to fall for a smash counter Hiromu who never before played ping pong set up for him, and so he got a point… And entered the ping pong club. Summary by ThE WoRm.

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