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Painter of the Night


Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser notorious for his insatiable lust, Seungho forces Na-kyum to become his private painter. However, the nights that await Na-kyum are beyond anything he could have imagined…

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Painter of the Night Chap 78
Painter of the Night Chap 79
Painter of the Night Chap 80
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LoeyChan 16:35 - 03/24/2021
Reyn Layson 17:51 - 04/01/2021 Chap 69
oppie 04:55 - 06/20/2021
Abyss 12:24 - 09/01/2021 Chap 76.5
May I know when will the season 3 will update here?
Oppie 03:15 - 09/15/2021
when will season 3 update?
laila hanifa 19:09 - 09/18/2021
I cant stop my self from thinking this is cute...
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