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Rise From The Rubble


10 years after the meteorite hit earth, S starts to face Monsters that they have never seen before, Zuo fan, had a title [ traitor’s child ],among all of the level 1 star Warrior the most useless one escaped, he awaken in a scheme plot by someone while hunting the monsters on the battlefield, he awakened a system! Since then he started to walk on the path to find the reason and truth behind his father being a traitor, gradually his path changed to saving the world

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RAFAELcodicheira 02:55 - 08/22/2021
hey their is something with chapter 31 can you fix it please
Ravi yadav 11:59 - 09/04/2021
can't u let us read .....u r applying "read it at our website " at every sentence that we read in manga we can't read what's actually there
Kim Alex 15:43 - 10/29/2021
chapter 52 is not loading please fix it.
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