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Satan's Bride


Rupia lives proudly as the daughter of a well-respected noble family. But to fulfill a prophetic oracle she and her friends, along with hundreds of other human females, will be offered up as brides for the Underworld’s demonic nobility. Upon meeting Edith, the alluring demon king himself, Rupia realizes her undesirable fate is to become his wife. With no time to mourn the life she left behind, she keeps her cool with an attitude of sheer optimism, all while maintaining a magical secret. As Rupia grows closer to Edith and uncovers the secrets of the Underworld realm, maybe being the demon king’s bride isn’t the nightmare she expected? Based on the hit novel.

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Lumine 09:13 - 06/25/2021
Chapter 1 and 2 is missing
Mandy Rosenick 18:48 - 08/18/2021 Chap 28
the story is very fun to read and puts a smile on my face and pls protect the ship's
angelika 22:26 - 09/16/2021
It's really interesting and beautiful, loving it. ?❤❤❤
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