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The 101st Heroine


Reborn as the daughter of a humble family in the countryside, Evie Collins has settled into a quiet and uneventful life in the boonies. Everything changes when she becomes the sole commoner up against 100 noble ladies to marry Crown Prince Ikasha, one of the most powerful rulers in the world. But rumors say his face is horribly disfigured, always hidden behind a mask. Is that why his marriage is up to this most unusual contest? Can Evie hold her own against the field of haughty aristocrats and unravel the mysteries of the man behind the mask? Based on the hit novel.Notices:~Please support the author & artist if you can on Tappytoon. I buy the chapters personally.~ Happy

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The 101st Heroine Chap 72
The 101st Heroine Chap 73
The 101st Heroine Chap 74
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