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The Super Doctor From 2089


Description : Ye Wutian, a brilliant doctor from 2089, somehow time-travels back to the year 2019 in a lab experiment explosion. He wakes up in a wild mountain, and then manages to save a girl, Li wan er who been bitten by a venomous snake. With his apparently superior knowledge in medicine, Ye wutian embarks on an amazing journey in the beginning of the 21st century...

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The Super Doctor From 2089 Chap 220
The Super Doctor From 2089 Chap 221
The Super Doctor From 2089 Chap 222
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robert 01:16 - 05/13/2021
constant app crashing on ch60+


04:49 - 05/13/2021

@robert Fixed

Nm 16:41 - 06/01/2021 Chap 1
where chap 187
Lida Suarez 23:53 - 08/07/2021 Chap 214
yeah., where's chapter 187 please...
prajwesh 18:22 - 06/04/2021 Chap 1
man wtf snake bite on her ass
Amanda Goings 05:56 - 08/15/2021 Chap 214
gosh, Xiaomei. stop being a bitch and tell him your feelings already.
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